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Introducing:: Data Governance Add-Ons

10 Year Extended Version History
An account’s version history depends on the type of Dropbox account. Dropbox Business teams can purchase an extended version history add-on that allows them to recover any file/folder deleted or changed in the last 10 years.
Legal Holds
Legal Holds is a feature available to Dropbox business teams that have purchased the Data Governance add-on. Placing a legal hold on a team member or a number of team members allows team admins to hold all content a team member(s) views or modifies regardless of their actions on the content. Members affected by a legal hold will not be notified of the hold and will still maintain their permissions to create, edit, delete, and even permanently delete files.
  • All teams


Currently, these add-ons can only be purchased through an Account Executive with Dropbox Sales. If you do not already have an account executive, you can contact the team via this form or call 1 855-237-6726.  





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