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Introducing:: People Pages


Introducing:: People Pages

Community Manager
Community Manager

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People pages is a feature that enables us to put people at the core of the user experience at Dropbox.
When a Dropbox Business user opens the desktop app, they will now see a list of suggested people in sidebar pane- These are the people that we believe Business users collaborate with most frequently. You can also add people you collaborate with yourself manually. Clicking anyone from the people list will take them to a rich profile of the person. 
Users can now spend less time looking for content and stay focused working with people through the following features:
Shared Content:
  • Displays which files/folders you and any teammate are working on together, and what they’ve updated within the past 90 days.
Teammate highlights:
  • A section that allows users to get a glimpse of your teammates activity highlights.
  • Business users can check their co-workers schedule or connect with them via Slack, email or Zoom from one convenient place, people pages within desktop app - dependant on their co-worker’s calendar sharing/viewing settings.
Shared Meetings:
  • Allows you to see meetings you and your co-worker have in common and join them from the Dropbox desktop app.

People suggestions:

  • People pages intelligently suggests teammates based on your collaboration history. You can easily add new teammates or pin your key team members to side bar for easy access.
All Dropbox Business users on the desktop app
How do I use it
You can find more details on how to use it here:
More ideas
If you have more ideas on how we can improve our product then check out our Paper ideation board here, or our Dropbox Business ideation board here. Request improvements, suggest ideas, we’ll review them all! Thank you for helping to improve our product.

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