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Disable Inherit Permissions - Team Folder

Explorer | Level 4

Can Dropbox add the functionality to disable / remove the inherit membership permission for child folders of a team folder?

Scenario: I have a team folder which everyone on the team is automatically shared into. I have child folders within that team folder i only want some of the team to have access to.

Having this ability would give much greater control over the folder structure.

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Current Status: Delivered

ninja_pirate New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

 Hello, I also have the same issue. I'd like to restrict access to subfolders to certian team members. Any suggestion on how to do this would be appreciated.


Pam H.6 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Has this become possible yet? The ability to set permissions granularly at the sub-folder level? We have a folder structure with a master "Projects" folder. Within that folder we want to be able to selectively share sub-Project folders with Project Managers - that is, we don't want each Project Manager to see all folders within "Projects" - only his/her own projects. Will Team folders or Groups help us solve this problem?

Chris B.147
Helpful | Level 5

I know it could be tricky to allow you to break inheritance of folder like in Windows, but it would be nice if this was possible.

One solution I was thinking of would be to add an "Exclude" permission of sorts on a folder. That way when someone is added to a top level shared folder or a Team Folder group, if there is a confidential sub folder or something that should not be added for everyone in the team folder, instead of adding them to each individual non-confidential subfolder, you could add them to the "Exclude" permission of the one confidential sub folder which would basically change the perms of that sub-folder to not allow that user to read or write within that folder.

This would also allow a much better experience with team folders since a user would be presented with one team folder and traverse into it vs just being added to individual sub-folders which might not make sense in thier Dropbox. If a Project folder had Creatve, Accounting, Tech, etc sub folders and they weren't allowed access to the top level Team Folder named after the project, they would just be added to those individual sub solders and the names wouldn't make much sense outside of the context of the parent Team Folder.


Status changed to: Delivered

You can restrict access to folders within a team folder with the steps outlined here!

Thanks for sharing! 🚫

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