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Discover how MVMT grew into a $100 million brand

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Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante, the founders of MVMT, turned their crowd-funded watch company into a $100 million brand. Targeting millennials with growing buying power, MVMT was a first mover in what’s now a crowded e-commerce space.
MVMT mobile phone.pngDropbox Mobile App
What sets MVMT apart is its compelling storytelling as a lifestyle brand. Boasting over one million followers on Instagram, the retailer leverages a network of hundreds of freelance content creators, or social media influencers, to effectively market its brand.
To manage its content-heavy marketing strategy, MVMT relies on a variety of technology tools to make collaboration easy among employees, content creators, and other creative partners.
“Dropbox is the one platform that we use across the entire company, and it’s intuitive to all of our external partners,” says Bri Lobato, Content Strategist at MVMT. “And when you want to look at design files, photos, and videos side by side, Dropbox Paper allows you to put them in one place. I've never come across an application that allowed me to see all those things cohesively.”
MVMT in post photo.pngMVMT use Dropbox to collaborate with hundreds of content creators.
As the company looks to continue its path of growth, Lobato reiterates the importance of technology partners that help MVMT scale. 
“We're a small team that operates on the same level as a company that has a couple hundred employees because we’re using the right technology and the right platforms,” she says. “I collaborate with hundreds of content creators, and without Dropbox Business, collaborating would not be nearly as efficient or easy.” 
Check out Work in Progress to learn more about how MVMT used technology to collaborate and grow their $100 million brand. 
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