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“We're a deadline business,” says Martin Wall, Owner of Martin Sign Company. “It's one thing to have one client, but if you have 200 clients, trying to balance those timelines can be very hectic. You're dealing with architects, designers, end users, last-minute changes. We're always on our toes.”
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To make sure everyone was on the same page from the beginning to the end of a project, they turned to Dropbox.
“I had already been using Dropbox to keep my personal photos. So when I started my business, it was a natural fit to just keep it at the same place,” says Wall. “We started with Dropbox Business to manage those files. Now we use Dropbox Paper to collaborate internally on how the projects get done.”
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With Paper the team have been able to stay in sync throughout the lifecycle of a project—from tracking sales leads to installing signs to storing photographs. Paper gives them a way to bring together all of their timelines, spreadsheets, and notes in one cohesive space. Because everyone has access to the same files, they can add comments and check off their tasks in real time.
Paper helps Martin Sign Company get jobs done without a lot of re-dos or time wasted. And that kind of efficiency has enabled them to take on more projects and scale their business.
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