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How a Houston builder uses Dropbox to collaborate with contractors

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Over the past century, Tellepsen Builders has become a cornerstone in the development of Houston, Texas. Having completed some of the city’s most notable projects, including Texas Children’s Hospital and Lakewood Church, the company has built a reputation as a pioneer in their sector.
In its fourth generation of family ownership, Tellepsen began looking for ways to continue their evolution into the fifth. Here’s how they’ve become leaders of the digital transformation of the construction industry with the help of Dropbox Business.
Saving hours every week
Working on multiple projects across multiple locations can get complicated. But since Tellepsen deployed Dropbox Business across the company in 2015, their project managers have been able to seamlessly collaborate with subcontractors, no matter where they’re located. The mobile app allows project managers to devote more of their day to working on site. That’s helped them deliver higher-quality work, right on schedule.
Simplifying admin tasks in the office
Dropbox Business has brought unexpected benefits in the back office as well. “File recovery is simple now and we have much more control over access and permissions,” explains —Lee Nugent, IT Director, Tellepsen. “It has simplified admin tasks in the office and freed up time for others to add value further up the value.
Reducing support requests with Dropbox Smart Sync
When the team saved large volumes of data locally to ensure file access, mounting storage problems lead to slower performance on laptops. As people needed to expand their hard drive capacity, support teams were bombarded with simple requests—and hardware costs kept growing. Now, with Smart Sync, local storage has halved and support requests have vanished.
You can read more about how Tellepsen became leaders of the digital transformation of the construction industry with the help of Dropbox Business on Work in Progress.
How did your team get started with Dropbox? Why not share how you and your team implemented Dropbox to collaborate and stay in sync.