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Learn how the Blue Note Entertainment Group use Dropbox to keep their team in sync

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Community Manager
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Ryan Metosky, Director of Marketing for Blue Note Entertainment Group, knows how important it is to have a harmonious team. 
As the company expands with the opening of Sony Hall and new locations around the world, the team keeps its independent spirit alive in an era when most multi-venue companies are being bought by big corporations.
BlueNote-SonyHall (1).jpgSony Hall NYC


In recent years, Ryan has seen major changes in industry brought on by the shift to digital. “We are spending most of our resources on online advertising,” says Ryan. “We still do street team distribution of flyers and posters around the city, but we have stopped print and radio advertising due to the high costs and unknown ROI.”
In addition to the street teamers, Ryan works with a marketing manager, a graphic designer, and a box office manager. “There's only one person on my team that is in the same office as me,” he explains. Fortunately, Dropbox helps to keep his team on the same page when they’re on the go.
BlueNote-Hawaii (1).jpgBlue Note Hawaii in Oahu


For example, the person who’s in charge of building the show page on the Blue Note website, Facebook, and Ticketmaster starts their work by accessing those images in the folder. “They might need to crop or change the sizes,” Ryan explains. “In which case, we also save those [versions], too. We’re dealing with all sort of partners, so we’re constantly going back to these folders to use the pictures for different things.”
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We'd love to hear how you and your team use Dropbox to stay in sync, why not share your tips on how you stay in flow?
George J.1
Collaborator | Level 8

Is this the Blue Note Record Company of yesteryear who recorder artist such as John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and more recently Norah Jones, Wynton Marsalis? The list goes on and on.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It sure is @George J.1  Notesslightly smiling face

George J.1
Collaborator | Level 8

That's cool.