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All Daphne's Badges

Daphne has earned 14 badges!
  • Accepted answer received
    Accepted answer received
    3 weeks ago
    Earned by 2,217
    Excellent work. One of your replies was just accepted as a solution. By helping one, you’ve helped many.
  • Acclamation
    Earned by 79
    10 solutions accepted! You’re setting the bar high! Thanks for being one of our community champions.
  • Conversationalist
    3 weeks ago
    Earned by 3,349
    Whoa! You just made your fifth reply on the Dropbox Community. We couldn’t do it without you. Keep it up!
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    a month ago
    Earned by 68,076
    You have posted your first reply to the community. Posting replies is the best way to get involved. We look forward to your next contributions!
  • First like given
    First like given
    Earned by 18,311
    A little cupcake goes a long way. Thanks for giving a like, and encouraging others to leave helpful comments in the Community. Keep it up!
  • Thanks for that
    Thanks for that
    Earned by 1,201
    Wow! You just got your tenth like. Count ‘em. 1, 2, 3…10! That’s 10 direct thank yous, and a tip of the cap from the whole Community.
  • Responsive
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 227
    Congratulations on contributing 25 replies to the Community and proving to be really responsive!
  • Return visit
    Return visit
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 2,947
    Welcome back! Tons of new posts—and new answers—since your last visit. Start a search and see what you find.
  • Sign up
    Sign up
    a month ago
    Earned by 298,288
    You’re all set! Welcome to the Dropbox Community. Thanks for joining. Ready to get started?
  • Sociable
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 137
    Your ongoing contribution makes you very sociable!
  • First like received
    First like received
    3 weeks ago
    Earned by 15,732
    You just got your first like! Someone thought your comment was helpful, and a great addition to the Community. Keep up the good work!
  • Tag tag tag!
    Tag tag tag!
    a month ago
    Earned by 16
    Thanks for using tags when posting. It helps us and other users find the information quickly.
  • Drop10
    3 weeks ago
    Earned by 116
    10 posts made as a Dropboxer - well done!
  • Dropboxer
    a month ago
    Earned by 192
    You’re an active Dropboxer on the community