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hb_ has earned 8 badges!
  • Talkative!
    a week ago
    Earned by 3,646
    Whoa! You just made your fifth reply on the Dropbox Community. We couldn’t do it without you. Keep it up!
  • Joining in!
    Joining in!
    a week ago
    Earned by 71,869
    Yay! You've posted your first reply on the Community. Posting replies is a great way to get involved with others!
  • Supportive
    a week ago
    Earned by 21,299
    A little like goes a long way. Thanks for giving a like, and supporting others in the Community. Keep it up!
  • Conversation starter!
    Conversation starter!
    a week ago
    Earned by 85,044
    Congrats on starting off a whole new discussion. Check your notifications to get updates when other members reply!
  • You returned!
    You returned!
    a week ago
    Earned by 3,117
    Welcome back! Tons of new posts—and new answers—since your last visit. Start a search and see what you find.
  • Newcomer!
    a week ago
    Earned by 304,457
    Thanks for joining the Dropbox Community. Check out About the Community to learn how things work and say hello!
  • Liked
    a week ago
    Earned by 17,202
    You just got your first like! Someone thought your comment was helpful, and a great addition to the Community. Keep up the good work!
  • Commenter!
    a week ago
    Earned by 766
    10 replies! Nice! You're adding a lot to our Community, thanks for being a member!