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1 folder 2 shared links

New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

I would like to share a link to a folder (read only) to two different people

Person 1 - would have an unlimited viewing time and an easy password for us to discuss on the phone the contents of the folder, and I'm the only one who can update it based on the discussion.

Person 2 - is the person who would have the link after Person 1 & I are done fixing up the contents, however Person 2's permission would be limited to 7 days and a difficult password. 

Currently I see that there is only one link that can be created per folder. Is there any other way to create two links for the same folder with different permissions? Future option?

Collaborator | Level 8

You're welcome, Michelle. My pleasure. 

I understand your concerns about security. Sorry 1password isn't suitable for you. Thanks for looking into it.

I do have some great news for you. And no, it's not that I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.

I think I've found exactly what you've been looking for. It would take me a day or two of testing, just to make sure, but in theory it should work like a dream come true. Naturally it comes at a cost. Not sure that's a cost you want to pay. It made sense to ask you before I roll up the sleeves and start testing it lol.

Here's the cost. Two potentially deal breaking questions:

#1 Is it a deal breaker if the service displays your full name, as the owner of the account, when clients go online and access the shared folder? I assume no problem, as this will be for your business, but I want to make sure. 

#2 Is it also a deal breaker that the service is not as easy to use as DB? It's not complicated and I'm sure you can do it. It just has a steeper learning curve than DB. Please keep in mind that you're not out to use all the bells and whistles. All you really want to do is use this service for a couple folders.

If these aren't deal breakers then between errands I'll set aside time tomorrow and Tuesday to do some testing on it. Results by Wednesday night. If these are deal breakers then maybe we can find work arounds. 

So, Michelle, are either of those deal breakers? What's your thoughts? 

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting anyone to leave Dropbox (DB). Even though I'm talking about a rival online storage service per se. I use many services. I use the best tools to get what I want done. Some are like screwdrivers. Others are hammers. Collectively they all make up my digital toolbox.

Mark advised she may need another service. Even if she does Michelle might also use DB. As do I. So what I may say about such other services in this topic is with the understanding of others hopefully using them in addition to Dropbox.

New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

This is very interesting news. (I did chuckle at the reference to saving a bunch of money on car insurance though)

Neither item is a deal breaker.  

1. Of course I would want my clients to know my name and company

2. I only need the service to be easy and fast for my clients.  All they need to do is download the files and folders. I have several layers of folders and files, so I hope that is not a problem.

So, what is this rival online storage service?


Collaborator | Level 8

That's great news, Michelle! Glad to hear it!

I'm sorry I can't call. Especially tonight. I hope you enjoy the game though lol.

Double sorry I didn't catch your email. I'm guessing for many reasons your personal information (email, phone, etc.) will be removed from this topic. I would give you mine but just the same it could be removed before you see it. But maybe it will be there long enough for either of us to get spammed by bots or something.

The service is simply called SpiderOak and despite the name I highly recommend it. Since you're very concerned about security I humbly add it's the service Edward Snowden advises people to use if they're serious about their privacy.  

The SpiderOak feature I have in mind for you is called Share Rooms and here's a link to their current Startup Guide Share Rooms. For all intents and purposes this seems to be exactly what you want to do.  

You simply update that one template on your computer and the next time SpiderOak syncs everyone with current access to that template will get the latest update. But they're each using different passwords to access the same folder.

Btw, it goes without saying that they have a free 60 day trial with 2 GB of storage space. That should be plenty for you to upload some test samples to see if it really works. 

Thanks for giving me the green light for testing. Enjoy the game, Michelle! I'll have a full report for you by Wednesday night.

New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

So what service are you going to be testing? Dropbox or Share Rooms?

I read the info on Share Rooms and it seems to be very similar to Dropbox. You create a folder, upload your folders and files, create a link and password and give them to your clients/friends/family. 

So how is this service different?  Sorry for all the questions...

Collaborator | Level 8

Hey, Michelle! 

Please don't be sorry for questions. It's my pleasure to help out and answer when I can.

I'll be testing SpiderOak's share rooms. Thanks for reading the info about them. 

You're right that SpiderOak (SO) and Dropbox (DB) are similar. The main difference? SpiderOak is for those that want their data treated like it was a matter of national security. Nobody gets access to your account but you. If you want, your password could be entire sentences.

If you forget your password with SO you are so out of luck it's not even funny. It's over. Give it up. Either spend the rest of your life (probably in vain) trying to figure out what your password actually is or start paying for another SO account, which will be empty. 

SO doesn't have your encryption keys, which is your password. So if things come down to it they can't help you or law enforcement, in any way. Except perhaps hand over the raw encrypted data in your account, which is digital waste and utterly useless anyways.

They also differ in their core philosophy, how their service works under the hood, how much control they give you over various backups and syncs, and the speed and ease of using their UI. I'm not kidding when I say there's literally too many important differences to sum up here. 

Btw, I humbly suggest you edit your previous post to remove your personal contact information.

Collaborator | Level 8

UPDATE: (good news)

Just a brief update for you, Michelle. I bring good news. 

I've already started testing SO share rooms and so far they're passing my tests with flying colors. Not a single problem so far. Results by Wednesday night looks extremely promising.

New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Intriguing!  Great! Keep me informed.  I also did as you suggested. Thanks.

Collaborator | Level 8

UPDATE: (best news, it works)

Hey, Michelle! I bring the best news. It works!  

SpiderOak share rooms passed all my major tests with flying colors, proving it will do exactly what you've been looking for. I've proved it will do everything I believe you want to do. 

The only potential drawback, just like anything that initially works, is that I can't properly test the actual depth and scale of what you plan to do. 

However, they failed a few minor tests. Here's 3 failures:

First, while it works great with desktop Chrome and Firefox it kinda fails with Chrome on an iPhone. Even after entering the right password for a share room up pops another security panel. You must enter the user name and password. Your clients can get by this but only if you gave them this info up front, in addition to the one password for the link. I must stress that both desktop Chrome and Firefox skip this extra step entirely.

Second, even when you finally get access to the share room on your iPhone, whether in portrait or landscape view you can only see the far left hand side of the actual online room. So all options and such that you should see to the right aren't there to click on. I didn't dare to do further testing with an iPhone or iPad. 

True, in many ways this is actually a major fail. That you can't use an iOS device to access it to an extent close to a desktop version. This likely isn't a problem as I assume your clients are going to download templates using their desktop computers. So in your case I called this a minor fail.

Third, after editing 3 photos only one of them displayed the newly edited thumbnail preview image online. The other two just showed their file name and a standard jpg icon - no preview image of what those two actual photos were. Thankfully, when downloaded all 3 photos were the newly edited versions. So it proves even when the preview image isn't shown online the actual file, which is what truly matters, is there. Online those 2 edited photos are just missing their previews.

I should have final results tomorrow night. I think the worst case scenario is if minor fails bother you. Then you may have to do a few minor work arounds. Again, it looks extremely promising. 

New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

That is great news!  First you are correct, at least for my usage, which is that my clients will most likely only use laptops or desktop computers.  It's kind difficult to author documents on an iPhone.  Also, in my scenario, I do not need thumbnails. They will all be documents and no photos. So it sounds like this will work for me.  Let me know when you have finished your testing. Thumbs up!

Collaborator | Level 8

By all means it should work great for you. I'll let you know tomorrow night when I have my results.

You probably already know but I figure it can't hurt to mention. SpiderOak has a free 60 day trial for 2 GB of storage. In theory you can start a free trial account on or after February 1st and upload a suitable amount of your content - just to test. 


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