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Best way to import files on Dropbox

Explorer | Level 4

When you want to upload several files at once, it could be troublesome considering the fact that there is more than one way to import folders and files. It is IMPORTANT to take into consideration that the total amount file size you choose to upload, cannot exceed the total amount of storage space you possess. E.g. if i chose to upload 4G of file space and I only possess 2G of available space, I will only be able to upload the first 2G of file space I had chosen to upload.


Here are a few steps to follow when uploading your files:

1.  Select the ' create a new folder' option.

2. Name the folder to fit the subject of the files you want to upload.
3. Select the 'upload files' option

4. Search for all the files you want to upload. TIP: When you want to upload more than one file at once, select all of them by using Ctrl+select or by highlighting all the files.

5. Select the 'upload/ import' option.


You are all set to go! You just have to wait for the files to finish uploading.

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