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New Versioning Scheme

Starting with today’s beta build (4.3.22), the desktop client has a new versioning scheme. The version will continue to be in the form of three numbers separated by periods, but we’re changing or tweaking what each of the numbers represents.
The first number represents the release series. In the past we used two numbers (ex. “3.18”) to represent the release series and we would occasionally decide (somewhat arbitrarily) when to increment the first number while we incremented the second number each time we had a new release series. Starting now the release series is represented by just one number, which at the time of me posting this is 4, and this will be incremented each time there’s a new release series. (This is quite similar to how Chrome and Firefox operate.)
The second number represents the build channel. By just looking at this number you’ll be able to tell what type of build the desktop client is. If the second number is 3, the build is a beta build. If the second number is 4, the build is a stable build. Lower numbers (ex. 1) represent earlier parts of our development process before the code is ready to be made available as a beta.
The third number represents the number of builds made since the beginning of the release series. This number continues to be incremented across build channels.
Here’s a hypothetical example:
  • 9.3.30 ← first beta build in the v9 release series
  • 9.3.31 ← second beta build in the v9 release series
  • 9.3.32 ← third beta build in the v9 release series
  • 9.4.33 ← first stable build in the v9 release series
  • 9.4.34 ← second stable build in v9 release series
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