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Drop box took my money although I cancelled

Dropbox is misleading people and illegally taking their money with this monthly trial trick. 

I signed up for a monthly trial early december and cancelled a few 

days afterwards, through my dropbox account.

Even so, 738.00 euros was taken from my credit card. 

Dropbox denied getting my cancellation. 

It's easy to conceal my cancellation because it's  through my account. 

Apart from giving the people the impression of a monthly fee, which a subscriber might have some chance of cutting off , they just took a whole year's fee. 

I feel very aggrieved by this thievery and I intend to spend my time 

alerting others on the internet to it. 

I run a business too, and if a client is dissatisified or unwilling, I just give them back their money. 


Who Me Too'd this topic