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Randomly deleted files and folders

Anyone else experiencing files and folders being deleted from Dropbox without human intervention?


I know that I'm going to get the stock Dropbox answer here that it can't happen, but I can explicitly tell you it does.


What I saw was random deletions of over 10,000 files/folders in the space of less than 33 seconds. Even with the best will in the world - not to mention the fastest fingers - this just isn't possible. Especially considering that some complete folders, and in some cases just files within folders, disappeared at 13:30 BST yesterday, all within 33 seconds (according to the event log). 


The kicker is that the only person who has access to these files/folders is me - and I know for sure that I didn't delete them.


I guess there may be 2 explanations:


1) I entered a fugue state and decided to delete all my work on a number of cases

2) Something is happening with the Dropbox software that either Dropbox don't know about or can't fix


Been trying to get Dropbox support to assist, but got the usual default customer service answer of "it's not us it's you". Well, I know it's not me - so by extension it must be the software!


Next step is to request a refund of my yearly plan as I cannot have something that intervenes in my workflow like this and then wastes half a day (and counting) trying to figure out what's missing. I guess the only silver lining is that I have a Dropbox business account, so files are kept forever. Small benefit, but a good one at this stage.


So, after my long winded moan above, anyone have a resolution to stop Dropbox from deleting things from my folders? Or is it just time to move on to another provider?


Finally, don't let anyone from Dropbox tell you differently (especially the "Super Users") as I can categorically say it happens. They'll tell you it can't, but I know for a fact that it can.


Best of luck and hoping you don't fall foul of the same problems I've had.



Who Me Too'd this topic