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iOS, UIDocumentPickerViewController export, and Dropbox 38.2.2/38.3.4

My iOS app uses UIDocumentPickerViewController to export files from my app to a user's Dropbox account. This has been working just fine. It worked for me just a short time ago with an older version of the Dropbox app installed on my iPhone. I just updated to the latest Dropbox app (38.2.2 and now 38.3.4) and now when I tap on the "Save to Whatever" button at the bottom of the screen, the file is not saved at all. I've had a few users of my app report the same issue as well.


So it seems that the latest Dropbox app is no working on iOS when used to export a file to Dropbox using UIDocumentPickerViewController. Importing from Dropbox works just fine.

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