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Camera Uploads Not Working

I have a busines dropbox account for years, and always had a camera upload folder. I do not have a personal account linked to my business account, but importing pictures and videos using dropbox from various devices has always worked fine for me.

Until now.

The option still pops up in autoplay, but if I select import pictures and videos using dropbox, nothing happens.

I then read the following on the dropbox website:

"Camera uploads was turned off for Dropbox Business accounts on April 9, 2014. These changes were made to help you avoid mixing personal and work files.

If you used Dropbox Business before April 9, 2014, or if your work account used to be a personal account, you may have a Camera Uploads folder. However, the camera uploads feature won’t work with your work account."

This is false information. I know from personal experience that Camera Uploads worked fine for Dropbox Business accounts well after april 2014, and I have never had a personal dropbox account linked to my business account. In fact it worked fine until very recently. Now it no longer works.

Besides, why the f*** would Dropbox piss off their highest paying customers (I pay well over $1000 a year for my Dropbox business account) by not enabling a very basic and important feature like Camera Uploads?

While researching this issue I see that many people are fed up with the dysfunctional feature of importing of photos and videos using Dropbox. So many people complaining that Camera Uploads doesn't work.

Why does Dropbox not fix this? Please fix this Dropbox, when I pay over $1000 a year I expect things to work. I have wasted hours just trying to download my pictures and videos of the last month, and researching why that simple function is not working.

I am considering cancelling my account and moving to another cloud storage provider.

Who Me Too'd this topic