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Introducing:: File Locking for Shared Folders

Community Manager
Community Manager
File locking for shared foldersFile locking for shared folders


This feature gives file collaborators the ability to lock a file that is contained in a shared folder so it can’t be edited by any other collaborator.
Files can be locked via or, alternatively, directly on your Desktop App.  Locked files will then be made read-only for all other collaborators. Collaborators will be able to comment on and share a link to locked files, but only the user who has locked the file, or team admin will have the ability to unlock it.
A locked file will have a lock icon on the thumbnail in Finder/Explorer & on the Dropbox website
  • Business teams can opt in to early access through the Admin console, beginning October 16 2019.
  • ( In order for a team to opt in to file locking, they must be migrated to the new sync engine )
  • General access will begin intially on December 18 and rollout will continue throughout Q1 2020.

ScreenshotsFile locking for shared folders - SS2.png


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