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Preserve share links in Team Folders when a team member leaves

Preserve share links in Team Folders when a team member leaves

Explorer | Level 3

When someone is deprovisioned from our team, share links created by that user in a Team Folder are destroyed. This is odd and unexpected behavior since a) the files themselves are not destroyed and b) live in a Team Folder where there is no specific owner. 

This is request is for Dropbox to retain the share links created by any user even after they leave the team or are deprovisioned.

Status changed to: In review
Helpful | Level 5

When an account is transferred to another account, the shared links, generated by the previous account, must be transferred. As with the files. 


Because if the original account is deleted, the links sent to clients or inserted in the documentation on a "Paper" are LOST! 



Helpful | Level 5

Since shared links to dropbox folders or files expire, once the creator user is deleted. Since many companies work with link tables, there should be a way to eliminate the dependence on whether the path or file name changes, as well as the dependence on whether the creator of the link has been deleted from the account.


I'm not the only one, am I?

New member | Level 2

I would like to add that on the page, an admin should be able to select all the existing links and move them to another user.  If there is an existing link to a file or folder, the admin can decide which link to keep.  Maybe there should be an option to send a "universal company" link that is not determined by the user that sends it, but rather a link that is owned by the company similar to a "team folder" that is not owned by a particular user.

Explorer | Level 3

This is an incredibly important issue to fix.

Right now if a creator leaves a folder, ALL the shared links they created will break.

This makes no sense as most business owners do not create the shared links for their files - their VA's, web designers, Program Managers and assistants create them.  Of course -- these employees or contract workers move on or leave the company at some point, and want to leave a shared folder.   This then breaks all the shared links they have created.

I'm currently going through this with a web designer who has worked for me for 10 years.  She has created hundreds of links for my websites, online programs, emails, social media etc.  Understandably she wants to leave my shared folder as she no longer works for me -- but she can't, or it will break the hundreds of links she has created for me for over 10 years.

This is also a security risk to have someone who no longer works for me be on a shared folder -- and not fair to her to force her to stay on a shared folder so my links don't break.

Could this be prioritized as it also doesn't make sense?   A creator should be able to assign their shared links to the owner if/when they leave.

Thank you.

New member | Level 2

Oh my gosh, yes!


I have an online program license that use Dropbox and I think is super important to fix this.


Could you create a way we can create shared links, but if we leave the shared dropbox, it doesn't break the shared links we created?

New member | Level 2

This would be instrumentally important to my business, as we have links that may be used for years by users and we can't afford for them to break if a user has left our account. We have employees come and go all of the time, so this is a very big issue.

I would love if you could create a way for contractors or employees to create shared links as normal, but not break the link when they leave the dropbox.

Victoria Turrell
New member | Level 2

Yes! My online business has so many links that it would cause me such a headache - a total nightmare actually thinking about it more!!


I think it's a fantastic idea that someone mentioned above about creating a way for contract workers/employees to create shared links, but if/when they leave a shared dropbox folder, it doesn't break the shared links they created. Could this be possible?

New member | Level 2

OMG! This is super important. Especially when content creators /assistants come and go in your business, the business owner should have the sole ownership of the content created since they were paid when they were working for the business and content was asked from them --this is very value-adding as well!


If this will become an added feature, Dropbox Subscriptions will have continuity considering owners of the links can trust Dropbox that their links won't break -- and that transition to another platform would be even more difficult since Dropbox links are very established on their sites/social platforms. 🙂 



New member | Level 2
Ah this definitely needs to be fixed!  I will definitely be outsourcing to VA's or my web designer to help me with my dropbox links.  
Could you create a way that my contract workers or employees can create shared links, but if/when they leave my shared dropbox, it doesn't break the shared links they created?
Thank you 
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