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Dark Mode while editing in Paper.

Dark Mode while editing in Paper.

Explorer | Level 4


it would be awesome having dark mode enabled while editing document. You already have "dark styles" written in CSS in presentation feature, so it shouldn't be time-consuming feature to implement. I think every dark mode user would have appreciate it. And it could be even automatic in the near future thanks to media query:

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark)



Latest Update

This idea has been closed as it has reached the end of the Share an Idea process.


You can find out more about this feature here and get support or provide feedback in Help from the Community.


For those who'd like to use Paper in dark mode on their mobile devices, you can vote for the relevant idea here.  


Thank you for your suggestion, and if you have another idea to share, please do!

Status changed to: Closed
Hey @danoshekk, thanks for the feedback! I’ve made sure to share your ideas with the dev team for future consideration. :sunglasses:
If you have any other thoughts you’d like me to forward, don’t hesitate to get back to us. Have a lovely weekend ahead!
Explorer | Level 4
Please make Dark Mode happen, I cannot view the white more than a minute at a time due to severe chronic cluster headaches coupled with migraines?
Helpful | Level 5

Dark mode should be a default feature for all apps these days! Especially on mobile devices.  Would love to see this for Paper  =]

New member | Level 2

I'm keen on a dark mode too! Would make using Paper a lot easier at night (As I use it a lot for journaling)

New member | Level 2

Hi! Wating dark mode so much.


New member | Level 2

I totally echo this.. Dark Mode please!

New member | Level 2

need dark mode

Explorer | Level 3

Dark mode for Paper please! I would share the heck out of that feature within my circles. Because everytime an app/service offers dark mode, everybody chatters online about it. Come on! Please! Dark mode!! Put this as Agenda Item 3a in your next roadmap meeting.

New member | Level 2

Please please please make Dark Mode a feature, it is so hard on the eyes to have the white docs up while working with videos and film work.

Community Manager
Thanks for your idea! 
This is not something the team are looking into right now.
However, we regularly re-evaluate ideas and will update you if anything changes! 
Status changed to: Not for right now
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