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Let us change the name of a Business Dropbox folder

Let us change the name of a Business Dropbox folder

New member | Level 2

I use dropbox for research and the statistical software that is used in my academic field does not recognize spaces in file paths. The fact that we can't change the name of a business dropbox is frustrating and adds a bunch of extra manual work. For obvious reasons, I don't want to make the admin change the name of the dropbox for the entire university. Please let individuals change the name of their own dropbox.

New member | Level 2

There has been several questions (really, requests) on this forum and elsewhere with the following question: can we be allowed to rename to the root folder?

This is not just a cosmetic issue for those of us that are using Dropbox Business: there, the default folder names are "Dropbox (BusinessName)" and "Dropbox (Personal)". The use of spaces and parentheses in the folder name causes a wide range of problems and breaks a lot of tools.
Being able to rename this, e.g. to "Dropbox-BusinessName" (or, ideally, anything) would be a significant improvement and would remove a common pain point for developers that use Dropbox.

The problem is well-discussed in number of posts on this forum, some dating back to 2015. The frequency with which this problem is brought up should illustrate the desire of many Dropbox users in having this fixed. See e.g.:

Helpful | Level 5

This ties into my idea/request.. which is similar.. which would be to allow the dropbox folder to be remapped as a root directory, with its own letter.. ie: Z:/dropbox_teamname/myfiles


This would be very helpful for people working on projects together, that involve files with dependecies.. like texture paths or cache file paths.. 

Helpful | Level 5

I'm a freelancer jumping onto a job thats already in production. Id like to use the desktop app and have it pathed the same way as everyone else on the job but the default root folder name generated by the installer is different. I can move the root folder install easy enough but I cant change the name of the actual folder itself to match the other dropbox users that are on this job with me. 
Is there a way to do this? I would grealtly appreciate being able to alter the file path to match so Im not having to relink assets throughout production. 

The auto-generated root name: D:\[studio name] Dropbox\JobName\files
What I am trying to change to: D:\Dropbox\JobName\Files

This is important in a production enviropnment so all users can have the same paths and share project files. if the root folder is named differently for different users it will break links inside project files. This is a big problem for productions of all scales and seems like it would be a simple solution.

After submiting a support ticket to see if there was a way to do this currently I was directed to submit this info here. I know I'm not the only user who would love to see this feature in future updates of the desktop app. 

Thank You

New member | Level 2

As I'm sure you're aware, forcing this change to the Dropbox folder name causes all kinds of problems for your users including Dreamweaver folder paths, Graphics Documents with linked images, or Automated Workflows of all kinds. PLEASE find a workaround for us to keep the folder name or choose a custom name. There are YEARS of posts from all kinds of users trying to work around this problem. It appears every time someone finds a way, your later updates break that workaround. This is such a pain in my day I can't even begin to describe. I'm being forced to use two separate workstations for two separate clients because of this incompatibility. I've been using Dropbox since 2010 and have never had a problem like this. I'm shocked to see how long you seem to have ignored this problem. I'm a DROPBOX EVANGELIST and would never even consider another option, but this problem is making me rethink that.


Explorer | Level 4

Hello everyone,


I work for a company where we use Dropbox a lot to work on projects together. As @chrisleathers says this change would be indeed very helpful for us.

This idea has my vote and I hope it's going through. 

Explorer | Level 3



I frequently interact with dropbox from Terminal while programming. Since I joined my Dropbox business account, it renamed my dropbox folders to Dropbox (PERSONAL) and Dropbox (Business Name). The issue is that it includes a space in the folder name. I would like to suggest that a feature be added which allows you to select the folder name format of Dropbox-Personal and Dropbox-Business-Name (with no spaces). Alternatively, you could just set it up so we could name the folders ourselves (best solution). This would solve a significant number of pathing annoyances (and symlink options are unreliable for some pathing requirements and heavily platform dependent). 



New member | Level 2

couldn't agree more! really need the ability to change the dropbox folder to whatever a user wants. for me i want dropbox to sync to the root folder of my "X" drive but i'm sure someone else wants it to be any number of other paths. just let us change it to exactly what we want it to be.

New member | Level 2



Strongly agree with the above. We desperately need this change. Our software does not accept spaces or brackets in the file path. This is critical for our team collaboration. 


We would like to suggest to change the naming from Dropbox (Business name) to Dropbox_Business_Name or DropboxBusinessName or just any name which we could choose. 


This is critical and we hope you guys will respond. The original post was almost a year ago. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would agree. I have submitted a support ticket to Dropbox Support and they said they would raise the issue to the team. Hopefully we will hear a response soon. 


Thank you for your idea, while we can’t take every idea forward we do regularly re-review and will update you if anything changes!

Status changed to: Not for right now
Helpful | Level 7

Dropbox need to fix this stupid stupid oversight that has just screwed up 100s of links in my original directory after chaining it to (Personal) with NO WARNING AND NO WORKAROUND. I am LIVID.

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