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Tell us how you use Dropbox!

Tell us how you use Dropbox!

Community Manager
We have shared a lot of stories about how we use Dropbox, from using Dropbox to plan a wedding to organizing and planning a project, and now we want to focus on you and how you use it! So, to start, we would love to hear about how, and why, you started to use Dropbox.
Whether it was to make sure your photos were safe, or to scan and save your receipts, or to work on a group project, we want to hear about it! 
Leave your stories in the comments, we want to learn from you - the more we know about how you use Dropbox, the more we can share tips and tricks that make sense for you.
Looking forward to seeing your comments below! 
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Super User
Hi, Back in 2014, our manager introduced Dropbox to our team as a solution for safeguarding our files and avoiding data loss. It was a great way for us to work together on projects by collaborating and editing files in real-time.

As I became more familiar with Dropbox, I discovered the convenience of having all my files accessible through the phone app. This feature was a game-changer for me. I started scanning and saving my personal important documents, such as IDs, passports, certificates, invoices, and even medical reports. It was incredible to have them readily available whenever I needed them.

What I truly appreciate about Dropbox is its reliability and user-friendly interface. It became my go-to platform, and I haven't looked back since. It feels like home to me, and I can't imagine switching to another similar application.

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Helpful | Level 5
My first experience with Dropbox was when I wanted to safely security my files and photos. That's when I thought about Dropbox, I keep my files and photos safe and secure for a long time 😄. Sharing access is very powerful and easy-to-use.
I salute you the team, keep it up.

Explorer | Level 4
I used Dropbox To keep my documents and file safe and secure

Collaborator | Level 9

I travel a fair amount with a laptop. I like idea that my data is securely stored in the cloud with local mirroring so I have access to my data online or offline. I also like the easy-to-use interface.

Thanks Dropbox!! 

New member | Level 2
Power to access files from anywhere. In short, mobility

Ease of usage and smooth uploads

Helpful | Level 5

My company uses Dropbox and the employees use it to do document version control and centralize access.

Helpful | Level 6

I started using Dropbox a very long time ago as a free user. At the time, I think free users got 2 GB of storage plus some extra room earned by using features like camera upload or linking certain apps. I think I earned around 5 GB this way, and ~7 GB was plenty of space.


Fast forward to a couple years ago, and the free plan was restricted to only three devices. I needed to sync files over more than three devices, so I started shopping around to see if I could find other options. I think I tried one of the DIY "cloud" storage programs (syncthing) for a while, but when I investigated competitors like onedrive, box, google drive, etc, I found out that Dropbox is the only one that natively supports syncing to Linux!! I use Linux, Mac, and Windows on a regular basis, and it is important to me to be able to access all my files with ease on all platforms. So I finally got Plus in February 2020.


I don't use many of the features like vault, paper, or passwords, mainly sticking to the core ability to sync files. I do use file requests from time to time. File requests and link sharing are best ways I have to exchange large files with people without using a flash drive.

Dropbox Staff

Hi @RayM, if you don't want the folders to even appear on the local machine, you could use the selective sync feature.


Otherwise, you could mark the folders as online-only, so they will appear, but won't sync the data down to your machine unless you (or another app) chooses to access those files. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Thank you.  I found it prior to your post.



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