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60% Price increase for Dropbox Business

What are the new Dropbox Business plans?

Dropbox Staff

We're replacing our existing Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise plans with three new plans:

  • Standard—for teams needing powerful storage, sharing, and collaboration tools
  • Advanced—for teams and businesses seeking more sophisticated admin, audit, and integration features
  • Enterprise—for larger businesses requiring scalable custom solutions with individualized support

Learn more about the features and pricing of each Dropbox Business plan.


If you have questions or comments about the new plans, please add on the comments below.

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New member | Level 2

Wouldn't it have made more sense to keep the pricing of the Advanced plan to approximately what users are paying now, and then offer the Standard plan at a cheaper price?


I ask because a 60% increase is too much to swallow for a file storage service.  For the same price as the Advanced plan ($20/user-month), an organization can get an E3 license of Office 365 which would include the Office products, Exchange e-mail, a 1TB per user OneDrive account for file storage/collaboration, and a 1TB + 0.5GB/user SharePoint storage limit (up to 25TB max).  In our organization's case (35 Dropbox users using less than 1TB), that's 35TB of OneDrive and 18.5TB of SharePoint storage.  The Standard plan isn't an option because we require HIPAA compliance.


This post isn't intended to be an ad for Office 365.  It's a plea for Dropbox to reconsider their pricing strategy.



New member | Level 2

According to the FAQ and e-mail I received (emphasis Dropbox's): 

  • Advanced adds sophisticated admin, audit, and security tools, with as much space as you need. This plan’s feature set is most similar to that of your existing plan

The new price for the feature set most similar to that of my existing plan costs 75% more than my existing plan (60% more than the new Standard option).  Why not keep the pricing of the Advanced plan to approximately what users are paying now and offer the Standard plan at a cheaper price?  We use less than 1TB across 35 users, but we require HIPAA compliance and long-term file recovery for discovery purposes so the Standard plan isn't an option for us.


We also subscribe to Microsoft's Office 365 (E3 licenses) for the same price as the Dropbox Advanced plan ($20/user-month) which includes the Office products, hosted Exchange e-mail, etc.  We currently don't use the included storage options because we were already using Dropbox and find it easier to use.


The O365 features above are beyond the scope of what we expect from Dropbox, but from a strictly-storage perspective our O365 licenses also include:

  1. A 1TB per user OneDrive account for file storage/collaboration
  2. A 1TB + 0.5GB/user SharePoint storage limit (up to 25TB max).
  3. HIPAA compliance, file recovery, and a very comprehensive admin/security feature set.

In our organization's case that's 35TB of OneDrive storage and ~1TB of SharePoint storage.  


While I imagine there are some Microsoft resellers salivating at the Dropbox Business customers they'll grab, we really hope Dropbox will reconsider their pricing strategy.  I'd like to know the likelihood of that happening.  The new pricing won't take effect for 19 months for us, but we need to evaluate whether we'll be around that long if we'll have to switch (i.e. Dropbox keeps the 60% increase) anyway.

Helpful | Level 5
We are 5-6 users on dropbox business plan right now and we pay 750$/year.
Just received your e-mail, and unless I am missing something, our next renewal will be 1200$/year, which is far beyond a reasonable increase in price.

I'll have to admit that I truly love dropbox, but much as I love you guys, we will have to consider other services like office 365.

Hope you wont make us leave...

Helpful | Level 5

Precisely the same situation as me...


At this rate, it'll be cheaper to buy a few servers and co-locate them!!!

Helpful | Level 5

Why is Dropbox making these changes?

We're listening to our customers who asked for more flexibility in buying Dropbox Business. Now you'll be able to select the admin tools, storage levels, and support services that are right for your team.


What that REALLY sounds like instead:


"We're listening to OUR INVESTORS who asked for MORE MONEY!"


Poor show DropBox. Poor bloody show!!!

Everywhere else in Tech, the price DECREASES!

New member | Level 2

We are a small business and subscribed for the unlimited data solution of the business plan. Having to move to an advanced subscription to maintain this triples our cost annually so we have cancelled our plan and will look for alternatives. I'm sure there will be a lot of others in the same situation. Instead of grandfathering these accounts in and leaving as is or offering a discounted rate Dropbox chose to give no options. 

Super User
Mine is a small team having around 10TB storage right now. To be honest, what we need is just storage, not those advanced features, so paying double for Advanced pretty sure is not what we will be able to reach. On the other hand, bumping down to 2TB is not workable for us as well.

I can understand that secure storage with unlimited backup is expensive, but 2TB for the WHOLE team doesn't seem to be reasonable. For a video editing team, a full day event HD video recording can easily eat up 100GB... I think it is more reasonable to have... say 500GB per team member like before. Or at least give us a way to pay more additional storage, rather than paying double for unlimited.

Helpful | Level 6

Just Vicker L.!!

Your proposal is the FLEXIBILITY we need... but Dropbox talk about flexibility imposing no flexible plans... you can't choose only 2, 3 or 4 users, you can't choose for a cheaper Standard Plan and pay for add more storage or functionality like Extended History Versions like in Pro Plan...

This new branded Dropbox strategy is ridiculous...

I really think a lot of happy users will choose other options as soon as they must pay that insane money for the same or even less...

I'm very sad because Dropbox forced me to say: GOODBYE Dropbox!!

New member | Level 2


We have just received notice that you, as a company, are moving from a business account to a four tiered ‘pro’ ‘standard’ ‘advanced’ and ‘enterprise’ system for Dropbox, with our account being shifted to an ‘advanced’ system (usability as of now, price as of next year),


By the looks of it we’d most likely want a ‘standard’ account (mostly because of the price!), however this does get rid of the ‘tiered admin’ abilities, would this then mean we’d only be able to have one admin for the account? In which case, what would the other members not be able to do? I understand the accounts do not get upgraded in terms of price till next year, can you confirm this?


Also I’ve seen you are moving from unlimited version history to 120 days for all your higher accounts, as a business we would need unlimited version control and so we have ‘opted in’ for now, would this then revert to 120 days in January 2018 or would we keep unlimited version control from now on?


Helpful | Level 6
Yes Sarah, the answer to all your questions is always the bad one for you as client.
Dropbox is changing their plans with bad news to all their actual and future clients.

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