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What's new in Dropbox - 1st Edition

What's new in Dropbox - 1st Edition

Dropbox Staff

See what’s new in Dropbox

Here you'll find information about the latest features and changes in our Dropbox apps.

New features



Updated notification preferences

Available for Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise users
You can now choose which Dropbox notifications you want to receive on your computer. New notifications will also show you who edited your files.


Report spam in notifications

Available to all users
Until recently, there wasn’t an easy way to remove spam from your notifications list. Now you can right-click any notification in your list to report spam to Dropbox and get rid of it from all your devices.

Google sign-in

Available to all users
If you have a Google account, it’s now a lot easier to sign in to your Dropbox account. Whenever you see Sign in with Google,” just click it to quickly sign in to Dropbox.


Sign PDFs from Dropbox

Get back the time it used to take to print, sign, scan, and send back urgent documents. Now, as soon as a PDF gets sent your way, you can add a signature directly in your Dropbox iOS app.

Share Dropbox files in iMessage

Now you can collaborate with teammates right from where you’re chatting. Our new iMessage integration for iOS 10 lets you select Dropbox files from within iMessage. Share files in-line with your conversations, without having to switch back and forth between apps.

Create and view files without unlocking your phone

Want a shortcut to some of your most common Dropbox workflows? After updating to iOS 10, just add the new Dropbox widget to your lock screen. From there, you can quickly create, view, and upload files, and even scan docs or receipts into Dropbox.

Stay up to date when you view files on mobile

Keep on the same page as your team, even when you’re away from your desk. Our updated iOS app notifies you as soon as someone saves a new version of a file you’re viewing—and with just a tap, you can reload to see what’s changed.

Share screen time on your iPad with other apps

With support for picture-in-picture, you can now watch a video from your Dropbox while working in another app on your iPad. And in the coming weeks, we’ll be launching split-screen support that lets you work seamlessly within Dropbox and other apps at the same time—without having to toggle back and forth.


Retired features


HTML rendering on shared links or public folders

Dropbox Basic (free) users


If you have any websites or HTML content on your Dropbox, your files will still be available on your account, but you won’t be able to preview them. If you need to share them with other people, you can still do it through shared files or folders. More info here:
Thanks for reading. Feedback welcome!
Please note: Sometimes we blog about upcoming products or features before they're released, but timing and exact functionality of these features may change from what's shared here. The decision to purchase our services should be made based on features that are currently available.
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Helpful | Level 6
How are we supposed to know what's new in the latest iOS update? The App Store just sends us here for changes. Then it appears as though this hasn't been updated for a month. And there are no dates and version numbers associated with the changes shown here. This is a poor practice for a change log

Dropbox Staff
Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback here. We've heard people's complaints about release notes on iOS and we're actively working on a better solution.

Bill J.
Helpful | Level 7

Hi Ed,


"we're actively working on a better solution".


Surely the solution is to do what you used to do, list the changes like all the other good app developers do - Jeez, it's so simple!


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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