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Account recovery 2SV

Account recovery 2SV

New member | Level 2

I have been using my Dropbox account consistently for quite awhile now. Life happens, and I needed to update my telephone number. Since doing this, I have been locked out of my account. I have no access to the generator codes, as again, life happens, and the orignial email address associated with the account has since been deleted and replaced with a new one. I have no access to my old telephone number. I have no way to have remained logged into any device since updating my phone number. I have reached out to on more than one occasion, and have been given the run around; this is even after providing the information they requested:
• Card type
• First six digits of the card
• Last four digits of the card
• Full name on the credit card charged
• Date of charge
• Amount charged
• Billing postal code

The information has been provided in exact detail on more than one occasion. I understand the 2-step verification is in place for my own security, but, imagine being locked out of your own home because the security system refuses to take the appropriate measures to verify your identity, and yet you still have to pay on the home to ensure the contents inside are kept safe. I am in a very tough spot. Has anyone else come across this issue? Is it resolvable? The files uploaded to my Dropbox are of paramount importance, and I desperately need to regain access to my account. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks again!

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Re: Account recovery 2SV


Hi @CallMeRandomGuy, thanks for taking the time to message us!


Generally, access to the email address is required to verify an account, as well as having the backup security codes.


Have you tried all the steps in this article to attempt to regain access to your account?


Do you have the ticket ID in order to locate your ticket in our system? Thanks!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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