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Attempted Security Breaches: Common and Frequent?

Attempted Security Breaches: Common and Frequent?

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I have a friend whom I went to college with 4 years ago - whilst in college they started getting notified that someone was trying to log into their Dropbox account. Eventually the successfully did and my friend is still dealing with the reprecussions of this security breach, and the subsequent breaches it allowed. Additionally, I have other friends - from different parts of the world, with no affiliation to each other - who have also experienced attempted breaches on Dropbox.


4 years later, I myself am now being notified that someone is trying to log into my account. I have the proper precautions to avoid an actual breach, but it was attempted several times in Decemeber, and now again this morning. However this time, my friend messaged me saying that they also had an attempted log in this morning. 


I understand that in our case this is likely someone we both know, but that isn't my concern. My concern is - why are security breaches seemingly so common with Dropbox? I have never had such frequent occurances with any other platform.


And to be clear - I'm not looking for something to be solved here, I'm just interested in hearing what the Dropbox team thinks about this and if it indeed is a frequent and common issue. 

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Re: Attempted Security Breaches: Common and Frequent?

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I have to be honest and say I've never heard of anybody have an issue - other than those who have had a virus etc. 


Are the peoples data showing up on things such as Have I Been Pwned


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