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Unable to login to Google

Unable to login to Google

New member | Level 2


I'm using (not the app) and for the last couple of weeks I cannot open any of my Google documents that I've created in Dropbox. 


To login I go to and click on "Sign in with Google." I enter my Google email and pw and it logs me into Dropbox. 


BUT, when I click to open a Google document that I've made (within Dropbox) it says I have to login to Google. When I click "Sign In" the page reloads and won't take me to a new page. When I click "Create a new account," it opens a new screen and from there I click on "sign in instead" and I click on the work gmail account, it then takes me back to the file I'm trying to open. But it still won't open. When I click on "Go back to dropbox" it instead shows me the document, but it won't let me edit it. But I can leave comments. 


I'm on a PC and I'm using Chrome and Chrome is up to date. And under my preferences it says to accept third party cookies. And I even told it to always accept cookies from


 sign in.jpg


Any ideas on how I can access my files? I'm logged in, but I still can't open and edit my Google documents. A coworker is having the same issue and she is using her own computer to login. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: Unable to login to Google

Hi @braille, thanks for posting today!

Are you certain that your account is a Google account, and not an account with another provider or custom domain?

Were you able to login and access your documents normally until recently? Have you recently upgraded to a Dropbox Business plan?

What plan do you see on this page?

Any other info or screenshots would be helpful!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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