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Fraudulent tactics

New member | Level 2

My 68 year old father installed Dropbox on his Windows 10 Computer. When I came, dropbox tried to upload all of his files to the 2GB Dropbox. I then tried to deactivate that. And deleted the file folder on the Dropbox Website. But that also deleted all of the files on his computer! I restored the folder on the Dropbox website, but it only restored the 2GB that we uploaded, all other files are lost. I then tried again to deactivate Dropbox upload in the Dropbox Windows client. There I found "selective sync" and deactivated it. Once again it deleted all of the files on the Computer. Whenwhile Dropbox said that the space is full and that we need to buy more. I have now come to the belief that Dropbox is basically using fraudulent tactics here, like you can see them with randsomeware. All of our files belonged to Dropbox and we could not disable Dropbox without loosing our files. So I had to make a copy of the files to an HDD, then I deleted Dropbox, which also deleted the files, and then I put the files back on the computer. Something is going seriously wrong with Dropbox.

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Re: Fraudulent tactics

Hey @wnr, thanks for reaching out to our Community. 

It sounds like upon installing the Dropbox application, your father enabled our computer backup feature. 

With it, any changes to these files on Dropbox reflects on the desktop too.

However, I'm happy to see that you were able to find and restore all the files and put them back in their original location.

I will also pass your comments along to our team. 

If you have any questions, make sure to let us know.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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