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Python API - export member list

Python API - export member list

New member | Level 2

Hi guys, 

Can you share with me some examples with generating CSV or any report about all members from Dropbox admin panel.

Example for you.

Create a member data report:

  1. Sign in to with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin Console.
  3. Click Members.
  4. Click Export member data on the righthand side.
  5. Select Start export.

As you can see I need to automate this routine actions. I`m newbie in APIs and I need some parting words about it.

I`ve found some C# example and I want to know is it right direction to my goal ?

Thanks in advance.

private DropboxTeamClient DBTeamClient; 
private DropboxClient DBClient; 
var members = await DBTeamClient.Team.MembersListAsync();
foreach (var member in members.Members.OrderBy(a => a.Profile.Email)) 
var userClient = DBTeamClient.AsMember(member.Profile.TeamMemberId);
var list = await userClient.Files.ListFolderAsync(string.Empty);
foreach (var item inlist.Entries.OrderBy(a -> a.PathDisplay)) 
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Dropbox Staff

The "Export member data" functionality on the Dropbox Business Admin Console uses a different mechanism than the API, so there isn't a way to automate that same functionality exactly.

If you want to programmatically retrieve information about a team's members though, using the Dropbox Business API, as you've begun here, is the right way. 

To get the kind of information available in that csv from the Business Admin Console, you'll want to use at least the following methods:


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