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Dropbox Team in python??

Dropbox Team in python??

Explorer | Level 4

I am trying to create a python file that will download some files automatically, but my account is a business team account and I cannot connect it, I have informed myself what I have been able to and all the forums tell me:

if you're using a "Dropbox API" app, your code should look like:
dbx = dropbox.Dropbox(_dropbox_token)

if you're using a "Dropbox Business API" app, your code should look like:
dbx = dropbox.DropboxTeam(_dropbox_token)

I have tried this system and it does not work. I have tried to look for more options and I do not find anything, please can you help me.
The error is the following:
AttributeError: 'DropboxTeam' object has no attribute 'files_list_folder'

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Legendary | Level 20

Hi @alexiscastillodj,

Instead of suspicious advises from unofficial places you can read the official documentation. 🙂 Isn't it?

About teams: Have you identified particular team member before try to make files access using either as_user() or as_admin() methods? 😉

Hope this gives direction.

Dropbox Staff

@alexiscastillodj Yes, as Здравко said, you can find information about these types and methods in the documentation for the Python SDK.


Specifically, the files_list_folder method is only available on the Dropbox type, so you'll need a Dropbox instance to call that. Attempting to call that on DropboxTeam won't work.


Note that you can use the dropbox.Dropbox constructor for both Business and non-Business accounts as long as you have a user-linked access token (e.g., an access token without any "team" scopes). That works the same way for both account types.


If you do have a team-linked access token (e.g., an access token with any "team" scopes), you will need to use the DropboxTeam constructor first, and then use as_admin or as_user to get a Dropbox instance, which you can then use to call files_list_folder.

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