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Dropbox and Bulk Restores

Dropbox and Bulk Restores

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Has anyone figured out how to use the API to list all events for a given dropbox? 


Finding specific ones in the past to ask support for help with them is problematic, as after a year back, you have to manually change the URL for each date to see what events occurred on a given day.


And with Packrat, all deletes should be protected, so the task is finding a list of events that touched a given file (or mask like *.jpg) so all events that touched any photos can be found and potentially reversed. works for ONE date. I have tried CURL but it doesn't work cleanly.


You can try say, if you want to go back that far (I think before Dropbox in that example) or any others. Date range in curl would use say[1-33]-[1-12]-[2012-2018] should match every date from 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2018 (with errors for months with fewer than 31 days... I know, could do multiple calls to match number of days in each month properly, or just discard the errors).


The output I'd like to see if a CSV/XML/JSON of Events and Effected Files. This has to be an issue for forensics investigators as well, especially for business accounts with insider threats.


Dropbox's APIs are pretty useful, but this is one case where it leaves a lot to be desired.


Thanks for reading, I look forward to comments and rants 😉





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Re: Dropbox and Bulk Restores

The Dropbox API doesn't offer a way to list/retrieve events like this unfortunately, but I'll pass this along as a feature request.
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