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Dropbox and files shared from a link

Dropbox and files shared from a link

Explorer | Level 3

So. I have a file shared via an email link. The URL is of the "/scl/" type.

Apparently, one can't download via API for this type of link.

I can't see how one creates any other type of URL link, but that's not my question. Actually, it is, it's Q1.


Q1/ How do I instruct third party how to create a share that I can sownload via the API?



Q2/ I have two options with this link - Download Direct and Download to dropbox. Download Direct is not working via API - everytime I want the "fresh" version of the file, I need to manually click on the link again and download it. If I download to dropbox, and the user updates the "real" file, will the version in my dropbox automatically update? Hoping against hope here.


Q3/ The URL seems to be "aware" of which account it's been shared with. What I mean is, I have a dropbox associated with my gmail account. The link was created and shared with my work email account (which didn't have a dropbox account at the time). The person sharing the file wasn't aware of my gmail account. 

So now I've created a new dropbox account with my work email. If I click on the link, I get a message "soz, no access, you signed in as work account". So I sign out, sign into my gmail account, and I can download.

My question is: once I click on the file link for the first time and log onto dropbox, is the share now associated with just that account?


Cheers all



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Dropbox Staff

1. You can find instructions for copying a standard shared link for a file (i.e., which would be of the "/s/" type, which can be downloaded via the API), here:

2. No, when you download from a shared link, you download a copy of the linked file at that point in time. If the link owner then updates their file, your downloaded copy will not be updated.

It sounds like you want continuous and syncing access to someone's file, so using "shared folders" instead of "shared links" may be a better fit for you. I.e., you can have the file's owner put the file in a folder, and then share that folder with you as a shared folder. Once you accept that invitiation, adding that shared folder, any changes they make in the shared folder will automatically sync to your account as well.

3. Yes, that file's link is shared with just that account. You can have the owner send it to your new account as well, but it sounds like using a shared folder (as above) may be a better solution.

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