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Dropbox for Business API Invalid Access Token

Dropbox for Business API Invalid Access Token

Samantha W.4
New member | Level 1

I'm writing an .Net app but I'm not able to authenticate with a Dropbox for Business app.

I have created an app in the App Console.

  • App type: Dropbox for Business
  • Permissions: Team member file access

I then pressed the "Generate" token button to begin testing my app.

I'm using the eaxmples from dropbox-sdk-dotnet hosted on GitHub

When I attempt to run the SimpleTest program, I receive the following message in the response:

The same API request works fine if I use a regular  'Dropbox API' app instead and follow the above steps.

I also tested this on the Dropbox API Explorer site and I get the following error with the Dropbox for Business App.

But it works successfully for the regular Dropbox App.

Is there a step I'm missing for to get the Dropbox for Business application to work properly?

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Re: Dropbox for Business API Invalid Access Token


Thanks for the details Samantha! The Dropbox API Explorer is built for Dropbox API apps, not Dropbox Business API apps, and there is one additional thing that is required for Business apps like yours that the Explorer doesn't do. Specifically, when calling non-team endpoints, such as /users/get_current_account, you need to specify an additional header to indicate which team member to act on. You can find the information on this here:

You can use the Explorer to build some sample code, but then you'll need to modify it to add the extra header and run it outside the Explorer.

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