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Error sending file via API

Error sending file via API

Explorer | Level 3


I am using the Iperus tool to send data to Dropbox.

The data is 650gb in size. After a long time sending the data, I get the error below:
(SendFile # 1: Dropbox server reports the following error: 409 "Conflict" Error code: not_found Summary: not_found / ... Details:)

Could you help me on this issue?

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Dropbox Staff

We can't offer support for third party tools themselves, such as "Iperus", but we're happy to help on the Dropbox side of things.


First, note that Dropbox supports uploading files up to 350 GB in size via the API, which would be done via upload sessions. If a single file is larger than 350 GB, you won't be able to upload it to Dropbox via the API. If you are attempting to upload a file larger than that, that could certainly cause an issue like this.


As for the specific error you're getting, exactly what it indicates will depend on what particular endpoint you're getting it from. For instance, a 'path/not_found' error from /2/files/get_metadata indicates that the call failed because there wan't any file or folder found at the 'path' specified in the API call.


If something on the Dropbox API doesn't seem to be working as expected, we can look into it for you, but we'd need some more information. In that case, please reply with:

  • the name and version number of the platform and SDK/library you are using, if any
  • the steps to reproduce the issue, including relevant code snippet(s), but don't include your access token
  • the full text of any error or unexpected output

If you need help using "Iperus", please reach out to the support organization for that tool for help. If the developers of this tool are having any trouble with the Dropbox API itself, they can reach out to Dropbox developer support directly with the relevant technical details.

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