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Invalid shared folder id

Invalid shared folder id

New member | Level 2

Hi there


Im integrating the ability to share a folder with people that signup to my system



Basically I got the shared_folder_id.


Via here :



I get the id of my folder :


"id": "id:OnI0Xzba6WsAAAAAAAE0Hg"




However when I call




I get ‘Invalid shared folder id’



Anyone know what’s wrong ?


thanks !!

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Re: Invalid shared folder id


It looks like you're attempting to use the file/folder ID for the shared folder as the shared folder ID. Note that file/folder IDs (commonly labeled 'id') are different than shared folder IDs (commonly labeled 'shared_folder_id').

You can get the shared folder ID for a shared folder from a number of places on the API, such as /2/files/get_metadata or /2/files/list_folder[/continue], where it is returned as FolderMetadata.sharing_info.shared_folder_id. Or, you can get it from /2/sharing/list_folders[/continue], where it is returned as SharedFolderMetadata.shared_folder_id.

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