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Permission Exception Thrown When Moving/Deleting

Permission Exception Thrown When Moving/Deleting

New member | Level 2

I am trying to move a file from within a Shared Dropbox Folder using the Business API. I am attempting to do this through a 'DropBoxClient' instance. I first create a 'DropBoxTeamClient' using the access token specific to my dropbox application and then I impersonate a user that has Team Admin access and convert the 'DropBoxTeamClient' to a 'DropBoxClient' in order to gain access to the methods used to work with the files:

var client = teamClient.AsAdmin(userToImpersonate.Profile.TeamMemberId);

From there I have the ability to get and download file data and meta data. But when I need to move a file:

client.Files.MoveV2Async(file.Response.PathDisplay, toPath, true, true, true).Wait();

I get a 'Dropbox.Api.PathRootException' with a message of 'no_permission/...' . The client I'm using has Team Admin access and when I grab the metadata for both the folder I'm moving from/to as well as the file I'm trying to move, 'ReadOnly' is false, but the behavior suggests that I only have readonly access despite the value being false and the client having that level of access. I tried impersonating the owner of the shared folder and got the same result. I am able to move and delete through the dropbox UI but not throught the API. Is there some step/parameter that I am missing in the request? Here is the captured request body:


And Response is a status of 244:

{"error_summary": "no_permission/", "error": {".tag": "no_permission"}}


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Re: Permission Exception Thrown When Moving/Deleting


[Cross-linking for reference: ]

Is that the actual request body, or did you modify it when posting it here?  You seem to have the same value in both the "from_path" and "to_path" parameters, which should produce a different error.

Anyway, I think the issue may be that you need to use AsMember for this use case, instead of AsAdmin.

Please give that a try. If that doesn't help, please open an API ticket with the team member ID and the parameter values so we can look into this for you.

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