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Problem calling API from PHP

New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I make the authentication step and got the accesstoken as well.

now I want to start an API call so I wrote the below code:

# Include the Dropbox SDK libraries
require_once "dropbox-sdk/Dropbox/autoload.php";
use \Dropbox as dbx;
echo "Step 1 <br>";
$dbxClient = new dbx\Client($accessToken, "updashboard-test");
echo "Step 2 <br>".var_dump($dbxClient);
$accountInfo = $dbxClient->getAccountInfo();
echo "Step 3 <br>";


it passed Step 1 and 2 but stoped on step 3 and notting desplayed. plese see the below my screen shot:


Step 1 
object(Dropbox\Client)#2 (6) { ["accessToken":"Dropbox\Client":private]=> string(64) "XXXXX" ["clientIdentifier":"Dropbox\Client":private]=> string(16) "updashboard-test" ["userLocale":"Dropbox\Client":private]=> NULL ["apiHost":"Dropbox\Client":private]=> string(15) "" ["contentHost":"Dropbox\Client":private]=> string(23) "" ["host"]=> object(Dropbox\Host)#3 (3) { ["api":"Dropbox\Host":private]=> string(15) "" ["content":"Dropbox\Host":private]=> string(23) "" ["web":"Dropbox\Host":private]=> string(15) "" } }

Step 2 


I canged AccessToken to XXXX on the above codes.

please let me know why it is like this.

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Re: Problem calling API from PHP

The Dropbox PHP you're using here uses API v1, which is retired, so it will no longer work:

You'll need to migrate to API v2. We don't have an official PHP SDK for Dropbox API v2, but you can use a third party library:

Or, you can call the HTTPS endpoints themselves:

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