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Sharing the root of an App folder.

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Hi there,


Our product is a CRM plugin that allows access to folder that is related to a CRM account. Many users on the CRM can access this app folder thru a common BEARER TOKEN.


Is it possible, to share a App folder among users and let our client program maintain seperate identities to the same folders. 


In other words if the owner of the CRM installs our Plugin and creates that app folder, could he share it with the employee that would use it and they would all get access to it.


That way if someone leaves, the owner of our product could stop sharing our product with the fired employee.


My other HUGE concern is would the folder structure be the same across everyone that the product is shared with?

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Re: Sharing the root of an App folder.


No, app folders are incompatible with shared folders. That is, app folders can't contain shared folders, be contained in shared folders, or themselves be shared as shared folders.

If you need your app to interact with shared folders, you'll need to use full Dropbox access.


If you do use shared folder (e.g., via a full Dropbox app), the structure within the shared folder itself will be the same for all users, but each user can move the shared folder itself to a different location in each of their accounts, and even rename the shared folder for themselves.

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