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Re: Upload file directly on dropbox

Upload file directly on dropbox

Stefano B.3
New member | Level 1

HI ,sorry for english, Im learning  about upload a file on server  to dropbox .


require_once "dropbox-sdk/Dropbox/autoload.php";

use \Dropbox as dbx;

$accessToken='My_access_token ';
$dbxClient = new dbx\Client($accessToken, "MyApp/1.0");

$f = fopen("prova.txt", "rb");
$result = $dbxClient->uploadFile("/cambio_nome.txt", dbx\WriteMode::add(), $f);




First question :

The response is an array , how can i know i the response is success ?

Second question :

Can i upload file directly on dropbox without upload on my server ?

Third question :

Can i control if a folder exist in my app and create it if not exist than insert file in this folder

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Dropbox Staff

[Cross-linking for reference: ]

It looks like you're using the PHP Core SDK for the deprecated API v1. We recommend migrating to API v2 whenever possible. We don't have an official PHP SDK for API v2, but there are some third party ones listed here.

Anyway, to answer your questions:

1) That uploadFile method will return the metadata for the uploaded file if the upload was successful, and will raise an exception if not.

2) Using the PHP Core SDK, you'll need to have the data on your server in order to upload it. Assuming this is a web app though, you could upload it directly from the user's browser, but you'd have to build that integration in JavaScript. We are working on a JavaScript SDK for API v2.

Alternatively, if you have a URL for the file you want to upload from somewhere, you can upload the file to Dropbox using that URL without passing the data through your server. On API v1, you would use /save_url for that, but it's unfortunately not implemented in the PHP Core SDK. On API v2, you would use /files/save_url.

3) Yes, you can create folders using the API. E.g., in the PHP SDK, you would use the createFolder method. You don't actually need to explicitly create parent folders when uploading files though. For example, if you upload a file to /Documents/myfile.docx, the "Documents" folder will automatically be created if it doesn't already exist.


Stefano B.3
New member | Level 1

hi , with this  javscript code :


 <form onSubmit="return uploadFile()">
<input type="hidden" id="access-token" value="<?=$token ?>" />
<input type="file" id="file-upload" />
<button type="submit">Submit</button>

<!-- A place to show the status of the upload -->
<h2 id="results"></h2>


function uploadFile() {
var ACCESS_TOKEN = document.getElementById('access-token').value;
var dbx = new Dropbox({ accessToken: ACCESS_TOKEN });
var fileInput = document.getElementById('file-upload');
var file = fileInput.files[0];
dbx.filesUpload({path: '/' +, contents: file})
.then(function(response) {
var results = document.getElementById('results');
results.appendChild(document.createTextNode('File uploaded!'));
.catch(function(error) {
return false;

2 answer :

1 : how i can see  the list of folder's file with php or js?

2 : can i manage them with php or js ?

Stefano B.3
New member | Level 1

hi , i try to learn kunalvarma05 php-sdk , i have a question , i want create a folder (dropbox->createFolder(path) ) if the folder not exist  , how i can do this ?

Dropbox Staff

To list a folder in the JavaScript SDK, you would use filesListFolder and filesListFolderContinue. I'm not sure what you mean by "manage" exactly, but there are also other methods for other file operations, such as moving, copying, deleting, etc.

Also, and for anyone else reading, please make sure to heed Stephen's advice in the other thread warning about embedding access tokens in a client-side app like this:

I can't offer help for that third party PHP SDK, but it looks like it also has listFolder and listFolderContinue methods, among others for other operations.

The createFolder method you mentioned sounds like the right one for creating a folder. If you're having trouble with it, you may want to open an issue for the library.

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