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Xcode: Build error with ObjectiveDropboxOfficial framework

Explorer | Level 3


I am getting a build error when building the ObjectiveDropboxOfficial framework. I use Carthage to build both iOS and Mac builds and link them into my project, just as instructed on the readme file. I get this error when I build my iOS app target:


While building module 'ObjectiveDropboxOfficial' imported from Classes/MyDropboxNewManager.h:13:
In file included from <module-includes>:1:
Carthage/Build/Mac/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework/Headers/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.h:32:9: fatal error: 'ObjectiveDropboxOfficial/DBSDKImports-iOS.h' file not found
#import <ObjectiveDropboxOfficial/DBSDKImports-iOS.h>
1 error generated.

In file included from /Users/zs/Documents/Git/branches/CJ-400/SimpleList/Classes/CloudKitTeamBrowserViewController.m:11:
In file included from Classes/MoreOptionsTableController.h:14:
Classes/DropboxNewManager.h:13:9: fatal error: could not build module 'ObjectiveDropboxOfficial'
#import <ObjectiveDropboxOfficial/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.h>


What's strange is that I am building for the iOS target, but it's looking in Carthage/Build/Mac/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework for the header files. Sure enough, if I delete the "Carthage/Build/Mac" directory, the iOS target starts building fine! But it's cumbersome to have to run 'carthage update' every time I want to run the Mac app target, and then remember to delete it again before running my iOS target. 

Can someone suggest a solution for this problem? 



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Re: Xcode: Build error with ObjectiveDropboxOfficial framework


It sounds like your iOS build configuration might be accidentally referencing to the Carthage/Build/Mac directory.  Can you double check your iOS build configuration and verify the dropbox library was copied from Carthage/Build/iOS and the build phase is also conigured for Carthage/Build/iOS

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