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dbx.sharing_list_shared_links only returns empty set

dbx.sharing_list_shared_links only returns empty set

New member | Level 2

Hi, I'm unable to use the dropbox api to find shared links. The sharing_list_shared_links method only returns an empty set despite having documents I share within the scope I've specified. When I paste a sharing link into the browser it works, but not using the python sdk.


I've also tried using the following methods to download the file given the shared url (which does work in browser) but these throw an ApiError(GetSharedLinkFileError('shared_link_access_denied', None)) even though I've added permissions for shared link access and generated a new token after making that change. The methods that throw this error are:





Would really appreciate some help, have been stuck on this for a while. Ultimately the goal is to download a file (40 page pdf) from python given the sharing url for it.

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Dropbox Staff

Can you share the code you're using to call sharing_list_shared_links so we can see what parameter(s) you're setting?


Also, what kind of shared link are you expecting/using? Could you maybe share an example for reference? 


You can also open an API ticket here if you'd prefer to share privately. Thanks!

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