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Highlighted response object missing the item `.tag` key/value

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I'm saving a text file in "overwrite" mode, but the response object I get back for the item is missing it's `.tag` property (here, it should be file).


Example (bits copied from chrome dev console)


Request URL:
`{"autorename":false,"mode":{".tag":"overwrite"},"mute":true,"path":"/songbook/Aeroplane over the"}`
{"name": "Aeroplane over the", "path_lower": "/songbook/aeroplane over the", "path_display": "/SongBook/Aeroplane over the", "parent_shared_folder_id": "1397796772", "id": "id:HvHBCmOrUnAAAAAAAAAAbw", "client_modified": "2018-07-10T06:10:29Z", "server_modified": "2018-07-10T06:10Z", "rev": "1f15350afa4", "size": 1670, "sharing_info": {"read_only": false, "parent_shared_folder_id": "1397796772", "modified_by": "dbid:AAC7xJh2VcDvncsSSMKnV9xJNEFqtltu0i4"}, "content_hash": "5c4350e6e6ed022b9f1a8f08ba159d10632939f0255735224fccafe899288773"}
Prior response when doing a list_folder returned that file object like this:
{".tag":"file","name":"Aeroplane over the","path_lower":"/songbook/aeroplane over the","path_display":"/SongBook/Aeroplane over the","parent_shared_folder_id":"1397796772","id":"id:HvHBCmOrUnAAAAAAAAAAbw","client_modified":"2018-07-10T06:10:29Z","server_modified":"2018-07-10T06:10Z","rev":"1f15350afa4","size":1670,"sharing_info":{"read_only":false,"parent_shared_folder_id":"1397796772","modified_by":"dbid:AAC7xJh2VcDvncsSSMKnV9xJNEFqtltu0i4"},"content_hash":"5c4350e6e6ed022b9f1a8f08ba159d10632939f0255735224fccafe899288773"}```
(notice the above has a `.tag` property)
I'm writing a web application and blindly trying to use the dropbox response objects as the source of truth. 
The problem is that if I lose `.tag` in the API responses, when I try to save a second time I get a `409` error for `/upload` - when `.tag` is set to file it works.
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Re: response object missing the item `.tag` key/value


This is working as expected. The /2/files/list_folder endpoint returns a List of Metadata. Metadata is a datatype with subtypes that can be any of: FileMetadata, FolderMetadata, DeletedMetadata. The '.tag' identifies the subtype.


The /2/files/upload endpoint only returns a FileMetadata, so no '.tag' is needed or returned. 


When uploading using /2/files/upload, you should only supply the documented parameters. If something goes wrong, you'll get an error response, such as the 409 you mentioned, in which case you should check the response body, as it will contain a more useful error message.

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