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redirect_uri to local file

redirect_uri to local file

Explorer | Level 3



I want to redirect to a local file the authorize.


In the redirect uri of my app I put file:///C:/test/redirect_uri.htm , an empty page but the browser gives error.


If I put http://localhost I can catch the access_token but I receive it in CppWebBrowserNavigateError with a status error of 0x800C0005


How can redirect to a local file with success ?

And the page should it have any special thing or can it be empty ?

Thanks in advance


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Re: redirect_uri to local file

It sounds like the redirect from Dropbox itself is working properly. I'm afraid I can't offer help on the general server/browser set up on the receiving side. E.g., the "CppWebBrowserNavigateError" doesn't appear to be an error from Dropbox.

Exactly what you have the receiving server/page do is up to you. Apologies I can't be more helpful!
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