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Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

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Be able to change Dropbox backup folders names

Be able to change Dropbox backup folders names

Collaborator | Level 9

Add possibility of rename Backup folders. If you have only one computer, it go fine, but if you have more than one, it ends being very confussing. Due iCloud Drive issues, I've changed all of my Macs "synchronized" Desktop and Documents to Dropbox. However, take a look to the picture: 


Captura de pantalla 2020-08-17 a las 9.30.30.png

It is very difficult to guess what is what. With the possibility to rename them, I could have named "My iMac", "My MBP 13", "My MBP 15". Very easy to see what is what.


(As a workaround, we can change to detail view, but could be more easy for all of us be able to change the names).

Latest Update
Dropbox Staff

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that the team is working on this idea!


Some backups and backup folders are currently able to be renamed, and we are working to upgrade all backups to have similar functionality


Thanks for sharing your suggestion with us and to everyone for supporting it.

Status changed to: Accepted
Explorer | Level 4

I currently have multiple computers that I have their 'Documents' folders being synced to my Dropbox. Currently they are named 'My PC (*insert computer name*)' and it is hard to recognize which one I want at a glance. Dropbox will not currently let you rename these folders, but it would be extremely helpful to be able to rename them or give a nickname to allow easier navigation.

Helpful | Level 7

Please consider this. Every Mac shouldn't look identical. Or group them into a single area?


Also, please consider not showing my "auto backups" as my "recent items". Often the recent items are things I'm actively working on, where as the desktop or download backup is random stuff, but because of the backups my real files are pushed far down the "recent" list, which makes them harder to find.

Collaborator | Level 9

The real thing could be implement this as OneDrive do in Windows and iCloud Drive in macOS: same folder does not matter how many PC/Mac you have. 


I know it is not easy when there is interoperation between Windows and macOS, but perhaps this could be a good selling point.


What I actually have is one folder called "Documentos", and use that folder for my equivalent "Documents" folder of each Win/Mac, and original Documents in Win/Mac are empty and not used. That way I have all my working documents synchronized between all platforms.

Explorer | Level 4

This feature would make Dropbox's backup system way easier to use and a lot more user friendly. Please consider adding this feature!

New member | Level 2

This feature would be more than user friendly... It would save people like me who updated their whole computer onto dropbox just to realise they now couldn't use a program they use almost daily because it cannot deal with space and brackets and the code cannot be changed!
Please add this feature, this is just bad practice...

New member | Level 2

The inclusion of spaces and parentheses in the name creates huge issues for people doing any sort of command line computing. I have programs that simply will not run because files now have paths with these special characters. Please don't make us beg for what should be a simple fix? I like dropbox backup but I won't be able to use it long term, and will advise all my colleagues to avoid, unless there is a fix. 

Ian Z.3
Helpful | Level 6

In v123 the Dropbox desktop app used the computer name as the container for desktop, documents and downloads for the backup function. Now it's My Mac(2) as the container name.

I suggest either reverting back to the unique computer name - associated with the computer or allow users to change the nameikr we could for any other folder.

Explorer | Level 3

Removing the ability to name, or change the name of PC backups was intentional? I'm not sure how a change to PC 1, 2, 3, etc is easier than Desktop, Laptop, Server, etc. I truly hope that this is reversed and we are allowed to name/rename our backups. On a side note leaving previously named backups, like Server or Desktop (names purposefully given to the PC through the PC's settings) alongside PC 3, 4, etc looks sloppy.


Thanks and I look forward to being able to name my backups again.


- Dunastrig

Explorer | Level 4

This is truly ridiculous. I already had a fully working backup system in place, whereby I kept all the directories I wanted to backup in my Dropbox folders, then symlinked certain ones into Dropbox from my system where the system required it. I saw an invitation in the Dropbox app to try the new backup feature, so I rearranged everything, re-synced hundreds of GB of files, and now I'm stuck with a Dropbox folder called "Mac (2)" that I can't change.


This renders the entire backup feature unusable for me. I do a lot of command line work, and having spaces, parentheses, extraneous characters or, frankly, anything I didn't choose in the path to all my synced files is a deal breaker.


I'm now going to have to turn off backups, rearrange all my directories and files as they were, create symlinks as needed from outside Dropbox into the files I've moved there, and use a more clunky system that has worked for years, just to avoid having this ridiculously-named folder in the path that Dropbox won't let me change, and won't even take seriously as a feature request. I'm angry.

Helpful | Level 5

Dear Support,


I want to requests a feature that the backup folder, wil have the same name as my PC.


Every time I reinstall my machine, the backup folder has the name PC(#).

I'm currently have PC(5) as a backup folder.


Can Dropbox change this?

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