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Edit text file in browser window

Edit text file in browser window

New member | Level 1

It would be super handy to edit txt files in the preview window that opens when you click a document in your dropbox in the browser. So I can quickly store some text without having the pain of downloading - editing-uploading
Just an idea 🙂

Explorer | Level 3
There is the old third party app TextDropApp for doing this, but it would be more secure if done by Dropbox itself.
New member | Level 2
It is absolutely ridiculous that this obvious, essential capability has not been provided in the FIVE YEARS since this feature was originally requested.
New member | Level 2

I have the same complaint. The app has been able to do it for a long time now, what's with the delay for the browser version?

New member | Level 2

i have been searching the web for txt file editing inside dropbox, but unfortunately, I have not found it. what a simple feature that dropbox has not implemented. 

Explorer | Level 4

Ive waited for this feature 4 years now. Im not that into switching to Word as its very slow and paradoxically doesent work well on the phone.

New member | Level 2

Same request here.

A simple editor for plain text files or markdown editor would be immensely helpful and time saving.



Hi all and thank you for the idea and thoughts on this!


While we can’t take every idea forward we do regularly re-review and will update you if anything changes!


See you around the Community and stay safe! 


Status changed to: Not for right now
New member | Level 2

idea first described in 2015.
think that shouldn't be that hard to implement (you already integrated editibg of word files)?
is there any reason against this proposal?

New member | Level 2

Please add this feature to edit text in browser, sometimes I use Chromebook, the only way I can access dropbox is through browser. Thanks

New member | Level 2

Please restore the feature to edit txt files online on Now only preview is possible.

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