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Our new Dropbox updates make your online life easier. See how you can store online-only files, edit photos in Dropbox and annotate PDFs with these updates.

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Product updates: edit photos and PDFs

Product updates: edit photos and PDFs

Community Manager
Back to school season doesn’t have to be painful, and we’re not here to tell you how to get organized, or where to get your school supplies, but we can tell you about some new Dropbox updates that can make your online life easier! 

Photo editing lets you do more with your photos without leaving Dropbox




Not every photo is perfect off the bat - sometimes we need to make a little tweak here or there to really get that perfect shot and now, those little edits are even easier, and can be done without leaving Dropbox.
Save time and work more efficiently by making lightweight edits to .png, .jpeg, or .jpg files on Take your images from capture to ready-to-share without having to change apps:
  • Crop to industry standard sizes
  • Rotate and flip
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, and more
I can’t explain how much time this is going to save me because I am so pale that there is always a little contrast, brightness, exposure work to be done! Once you have finished editing your images it’s easy to organize photos in Dropbox too. 

New PDF editing features let you add text and more




Just like the photos, not all PDFs are perfect, and now, editing them is as easy as click, click, click. 
We’ve added more tools to our new PDF editing feature so you can do more without changing programs. Now, within Dropbox, you can:
  • Add text to documents: Insert descriptions, dates, notes etc., anywhere on a PDF and modify text font, color, size, and emphasis
  • Page zoom: Adjust the page view for easier navigation

These features are useful for managing work-related and personal documents. Our own team makes the most of editing PDFs to organize and consolidate receipts at home. Learn how to get started editing PDFs now.


Automatically add watermarks to multiple files




No one likes to have their work passed off as someone else’s - and now you can make sure it doesn’t happen to you with a few simple steps. Save time, ensure confidentiality, and protect your brand by applying a watermark automation to a new or existing folder. Then, every PDF and image added to the folder will be automatically watermarked. 
We’re big fans of automations that truly make life easier, and this one makes us very happy! 
I’m definitely excited about these updates, and will make serious use of the image and PDF editing tools on a regular basis! I’d love to know how you will make the most of these new features - tell us below! 
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