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Any file like .gitignore to ignore file to sync for Dropbox desktop sync

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I use Dropbox for syncing my development project files but every time all the libraries are uploaded to Dropbox which increases the size of the project by a huge margin. 

It would be very helpful if there is a file like .gitignore implementation for Dropbox sync which will ignore files to be uploaded.

Please implement this feature in the upcoming version, it would be a great help for all of them in the developer community. 

Dropbox has already implemented selective sync in the desktop client so this might not be a very difficult task for Dropbox.


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Hi @ashutoshw3. I simple use MegaSync.
The Desktop App is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
And Yes. You can define recursive exclusions just like in .gitignore.
Another feature that was decisive in my choice is the ability to watch one or more directories that are outside the main sync folder.
Example: Documents, Music, etc ... Individually, without moving them to the main sync directory.

If Dropbox implements at least these 2 features I'll be using it again.