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How to post and reply on the community

Community Manager
Whether you need a bit of help, or you want to share how you’ve made your Dropbox work for you, you’ll need to know how to post on the Community.


There two ways to do that and they’re both pretty easy! 
The first is to reply to a conversation. You’ll see a ‘Join the Conversation’ at the top of any new thread. 
Scroll further down and you’ll find a ‘Reply’ button. 
Clicking either of these will bring you to here.Screenshot 2019-06-06 20.38.34.png


Simply type in your reply and click ‘Reply’ to dive straight in!
Use the edit options to make it very emphazised or very small or
  • clearly 
  • bulleted 
Add in links using the link button and upload media by selecting the ‘photos’ and ‘videos’ buttons. 
Top tip: use the ‘Quote’ button when you want to include another person’s reply.

Starting a post of your own is just as simple, but lets you do a little more! 
When you ‘Start a discussion’ you'll need to create a subject!
Try to keep the Subject short, clear and to the point to tell others what your post is about. Dart
Screenshot 2019-06-06 20.41.36.png

‘Select category’ is how you get the post to the right place. 

Don’t worry too much if you’re not sure, just choose the one that is closest. 
Our moderators will also be watching over the Community and move your post if needed relieved face 
Labels and tags are very helpful on the Dropbox Community. 
For labels, select at least one, but fewer than three.
For example, your post about a shared folder not syncing should have the label ‘Sync & Upload’ and Sharing’Screenshot 2019-06-06 20.45.26.png

Use tags to add more context -  e.g. adding the tag #MacOS helps our Mac experts find your posts! 

And that’s it! Why not give it a try to ask any questions or just say hello Penguin

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Hi anonymous,

If you need more help you can log a ticket with our Support Team here (expected response time 24 hours), or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

For more info on available support options, see this article.

If you found the answer to your question, please 'like' the post to say thanks to the user!

How to post and reply on the community
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