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Copy Dropbox-Backup files to personal Dropbox folder

Copy Dropbox-Backup files to personal Dropbox folder

New member | Level 2


I have an external HDD with 2,5 TB of space that i need to back up and add to my dropbox folder.
I would also like to upload the files from this harddrive to my personal Dropbox where i keep all of my other projects.
Normally i would be able to use the HDD to work from while connected to my macbook, but the disk health is really bad so i need to put all of it over to my new workflow with all my other "online only" files.
Is there any way i can copy the entirety of my dropbox-backup over to my personal folder? 

I am aware that i could copy the files from the HDD over to my DB-folder manually and make them online from there, but that would be a very unstable solution as the full transfer of 2,5TB would have to be copied into the 1TB of free space i currently have on my current local SSD first, before i could even begin the upload. Now that my 2,5TB Backup is fully uploaded to Dropbox i recon i should be able to move these files into my workflow somehow. 

Do you think you could help me with such a transfer? 
- Øystein 

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Dropbox Staff

Hi @Oystenen, thanks for messaging the Community!


Currently, the Dropbox Backup system and the normal Dropbox site are completely separate. 


This means that it isn't possible to move or copy files to or from either service. You won't be able to copy the backup into your normal Dropbox account on the site.


If you have any further queries, feel free to message back.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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