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App folder in Business root?

App folder in Business root?

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I'm creating a Dropbox app to allow my website to fetch some file from our Business Dropbox account.


I created a "Scoped Access" app with an "App folder" access type in order to restrict acess to the files present in a specific folder.


Problem: The app folder is created in my personal (purple) folder (under App\NameOfMyApp). This folder is restricted to me and my team can't access it... why? I would like the app to access a folder that could be accessed by my team.


Can you help?





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Re: App folder in Business root?


Unfortunately, app folders are incompatible with shared folders, team folders, and team spaces, meaning you can't share an app folder (except as a link), put a shared folder or team folder inside an app folder, or put an app folder in a shared folder, team folder, or team space.


Instead, if you need to use the API with shared folders, team folders/spaces, you'll need to use the "full Dropbox" access type, as opposed to the app folder access type. You can find more information about app permissions and access types here. You can register another app with the desired permission here.

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