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Re: SW updates via OTA dropbox failes CC3200

SW updates via OTA dropbox failes CC3200

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Last week, I think about thursday 21st of October OTA updates started to fail. They have been working for years. I have turned the OTA logs on from the application side and you can see these below. I have not made ane changes in the application SW, the OTA just stopped to work.

OTA ongoing
Starting OTA
sl_extLib_OtaRun: call OtaClient_ConnectServer OTA
OtaClient_ConnectServer: http_connect_server
sl_extLib_OtaRun: OtaClient_UpdateCheck, vendorStr=ODSIF_WIFI_36_D
CdnDropbox_SendReqDir: uri=/2/files/list_folder
metadata file=/ODSIF_WIFI_36_D/f80_sys_mcuimgA.bin, size=151320
sl_extLib_OtaRun: OtaClient_UpdateCheck, numUpdates=1
sl_extLib_OtaRun: OtaClient_GetNextUpdate: file=/ODSIF_WIFI_36_D/f80_sys_mcuimgA.bin, size=151320
OtaClient_ResourceMetadata: file flags=80,metadata flags=80
CdnDropbox_SendReqFileUrl: uri=/2/files/get_temporary_link
sl_extLib_OtaRun: ResourceMetadata CDN file URL =
_ReadFileHeaders:, file=/cd/0/get/BYrX0i1ilqyDjNZfhB6ruq2WqQAgQUan59p11LCFKOTmtQiFN3h19Kj9wkFl9u_wjeO3uAOxu6xEeEjgSpuavsL0vSydydfTE6neIuf9vgeSn6szP_y7CUMTVKSBfQYxfNlpJTE8ROwhA8WCT92hdmcu/file#
_ReadFileHeaders: skip http headers
http_skip_headers: http error code HTTP/1.1 400
_ReadFileHeaders: ERROR, http_skip_headers, status=-1
CdnClient_ConnectByUrl: ERROR, _ReadFileHeaders, status=-1
sl_extLib_OtaRun ERROR: Failed on CdnClient_ConnectByUrl
OTA run = -6
OTA: Error with OTA server
[SOCK ERROR] - close socket (82) operation failed to transmit all queued packets


Can you see what is happening here? I am usind SDK 1.5.0 and servicepack



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This is working for us now as well.  Many thanks!

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